Juice Bar

100% Natural fruit and protein shakes… no sugar added!

Whether you want to power up before your workout, or recover after you’ve finished, we have hundreds of options for you to choose from!

Our shakes provide a multitude of benefits. One of which is replenishing depleted glycogen, otherwise known as energy for muscles, storage. Our bodies use glycogen as our primary source of fuel. This glycogen must be present for us to burn fat, so it is important for us to replenish it throughout the day. It is especially important for us to do so after we workout, or our bodies can fall into a Catabolic state, also known as muscle wasting. Our shakes are the perfect solution to prevent this from happening! We use natural, whole-food ingredients, paired with high quality protein to make sure these shakes are the perfect, quick post-workout meal. No matter what time of day it is or what your goals are, we are confident that you will find a shake (or many shakes) that you absolutely love! 


You can even make your own…

Protein: Choose between whey, plant, or mass-building protein based on your goals
20g of the highest quality protein. We offer a rich vanilla and a creamy chocolate.

Chia, hemp, and flax seeds, fruits, vegetables, peanut and almond butter, oatmeal, granola, espresso beans, and more… Add a few of these ingredients to your shake to make sure you are meeting your vitamin and fiber needs!

Get Flexible, Get Lean, and Get Resistance are just a few of the “add-ins” you can choose from to suit your needs and complete your shake!

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