Zumba® is the latin-inspired dance fitness program that started the dance fitness revolution and changed the way fitness is viewed. It’s fun, effective & made for everyone to enjoy. Zumba mixes low & high intensity moves to create a calorie-torching dance party! Once you try it out, you’ll see why these classes are often called exercise in disguise! Impact/Intensity: Moderate impact w/ high and low options; Moderate to high intensity. All fitness levels welcome, no equipment needed.

zumba class

Zumba®Toning carries the same premise as Zumba– “ditch the workout, join the party”, while also incorporating an extra emphasis on toning and sculpting to improve muscle definition. Zumba Toning adds an exciting challenge by incorporating Zumba Toning Sticks, which are lightweight maraca-like sticks to enhance a sense of rhythm & coordination, while toning the arms, core & lower body. This is a perfect way to combine that dance party feeling with the toning results of keeping those muscles engaged & working hard! Impact/Intensity: Low impact; Moderate to high intensity.  All fitness levels welcome, Zumba Toning Sticks used (must own or borrow/purchase from instructor).

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